ESPN Sources: A Morning Meal Between Two Athletes is Considered Breakfast

ESPN found out that a breakfast meal between Kobe Bryant and Rajon Rondo was breakfast. Senior writer Ramona Shelburne wrote 49 words explaining that the meal existed. The report then became 447 words, and was published on the front page of's Chris Forberg contributed.


It's not clear whether Shelburne thought of this idea herself or an editor assigned this story ahead of Friday's meeting, but someone put it up on the front page of

Sources also told ESPN there have been no trade talks between the teams, though at one point in history, they spoke, and that talk included information. Shelburne goes on to speculate that the Lakers and Celtics might be interested in a trade for Rondo, but again, has unnamed sources to confirm that no such talks have ever existed.

While it wasn't even the only two-professional-athlete meal ESPN wrote about in a 24 hour period, sources say that the other write-up included an Instagram photo and several quotes attained from and attributed to those two people.

The report also tells us that both Kobe Bryant and Rajon Rondo are NBA players that are aware each other exists.


The Celtics and Lakers meet Friday night at TD Garden. The game will indeed just be a game. The two teams had planned on meeting up for almost five months.

For reference, this Kinja post has 262 words. 447 is a lot.

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